QuickPick PCR & DNA Fragment Cleanup Kit, 3 x 96 preps

Catalog #: 71011

Product Description

The QuickPick™ DNA Fragment kit provides a fast and simple means of isolating DNA fragments from gels or from liquid solutions. The kit and PickO™ gel excisers are suitable for use with standard and low-melting agarose gels in TAE buffer. The technique does not require organic solvents and eliminates the need for repeated centrifugation, vacuum filtration or column separation. DNA purified using the QuickPick™ DNA Fragment kit is suitable for DNA sizes from 60 bp to 50 kbp. Purified DNA fragments can be used for downstream applications such as automated fluorescent DNA sequencing, manual DNA sequencing, PCR, in vitro transcription / translation, restriction mapping, restriction enzyme digestion, cloning and labeling. DNA fragments can be eluted both into Elution Buffer or sterile water. QuicPick Tips must be purchased separately.

  • Storage Temperature: Room Temp