QuickPick SML mRNA Kit, 96 preps

Catalog #: 41022

Product Description

QuickPick SML kits are a convenient solution for applications where the sample or batch size vary, providing high-quality mRNA appropriate for the intended downstream application. The QuickPick SML mRNA kit is ideal for purifying mRNA from an extensive variety of starting materials, such as cells, plant, animal tissue and total RNA. The need for different kits for different sample material is therefore eliminated.

Ready-to-use protocols with QuickPick chemistry are available and may be customized for specific applications. The QuickPick mRNA kits, when used with the QuicPick device, result in high quality mRNA suitable for all common downstream applications, including RT-PCR, real time PCR (e.g. multiplex assay), microarray analysis and cDNA libraries.

Full mRNA recovery is obtained by using solid phase elution and amplifying mRNA directly from magnetic particles suspended in suitable buffer.

This QuickPick SML mRNA Kit can be scaled from 48 preps of 50 mg of tissue to a larger number of preps of smaller amounts of tissues or cells. Tips are purchased separately once user determines the number of preps desired.