QuickPick SML Total RNA Kit, 96 preps

Catalog #: 42022

Product Description

QuickPick SML total RNA kits are a convenient solution for applications where the sample or batch size vary, providing highly pure total RNA suitable for RT-PCR. Optimized protocols are included to allow use with whole blood, animal tissue and plant tissue, making it unnecessary to purchase separate kits for each sample type.

RNA in the sample is released using Proteinase K solution and Lysis Buffer. Released RNA is bound to Magnetic Particles in the presence of Binding Buffer. To prevent the co-purification of interfering DNA, a DNase I treatment is performed after the first wash step. Magnetic Particles with the bound RNA are finally washed with Wash Buffer and then the RNA is eluted from the Magnetic Particles with the Elution Buffer.

Protocols are included and are fully customizable. Reagent volumes are easily scaled up or down to be used for different sample amounts or specific applications. Once the number of preps desired is determined, QuicPick Tips are purchased separately.

Starting with 100 ul of whole blood, 50 mg of plant tissue or 5 mg of animal tissue, this 96-prep QuickPick SML Total RNA Kit (Cat# 42022) can be scaled to a higher or lower number of preps depending on the quantity of input material.

  • Storage Temperature: Room Temp