EnPresso B Animal-free, 20 x 50 mL

Catalog #: B11101

Product Description

Increase yield of functional proteins in E. coli cultures

EnPresso® growth systems revolutionize the role of microbial cell culture in the production of recombinant proteins – solving well-recognized problems such as low yield, poor solubility and low activity – making it easier than ever for scientists to focus on their research and deliver high quality results. Together with standard laboratory equipment, simple-to-use EnPresso tablets have the power to increase yield and provide a ‘fit for purpose’ recombinant protein for applications ranging from in vitro assays to structure/function studies.

Reduce hands-on time, improve reproducibility

– Cultures ready to induce next morning
– EnPresso tablets dissolve into sterile, filtered water – no media autoclaving
– Optimized protocols ensure controlled growth and metabolism in shake flasks or 24 deepwell plates
– Increase yields up to 10 fold more with the new scaled up “500” version for 500mL in a 2.5L baffled flask!

Save media and time

– No need to change media, temperature, pH or induction conditions
– No OD measurements to determine exact moment for induction
– Smaller volumes to centrifuge, harvest and purify

  • Storage Temperature: 4C-25C