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From our bubble to yours…

Posted on March 13, 2020

Sometimes it’s good to be small. Sometimes it’s terrifying to be small. Never once have we regretted the decision to start “our own thing” with Sunrise Science, and now is no exception. While labs across the country are refocusing, on skeleton crew, or on extended pause, we will be doing everything we can to focus on internal projects to make our service to you, on the other side of this, even better.

Because we are small, it is already normal for us to have social distancing at work. Liz and Becky work exclusively from home now, instead of from home, airports, hotels, and conference centers. (Liz might still work from the middle of the Mojave during this though, because….trains. And because…she doesn’t actually mind social distancing.) Over the past few years, we have streamlined every system to make it effective to work remotely. (Liz misses the cakes on birthdays though). Our new space in Knoxville, TN allows Dave and Joan (our new Customer Service Manager!!) to be much more physically separated throughout the day. When we get busy again, we can bring back other staff, because that will mean you need more yeast media and we are on the other side!

Take care of yourselves, and each other. Take walks. I have taken much solace in “Science Twitter” over the past week and appreciate hanging out on the periphery of your problem-solving, and data-sharing, both scientific and supportive. You give me hope, and I can share your hope with my own friends and family. Thank you.

Sincere appreciation and virtual hugs to everyone who reads this.