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Relax in Tuscany while collaborating at the GRC Stress Proteins meeting in June!

Posted on December 5, 2018

Apply before May 26, 2019 for the 2019 Gordon Research Conference on “Stress Proteins in Growth, Development and Disease”, to be held June 23 – 28, 2019 at the Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa.

From the meeting website: “The 2019 Gordon Research Conference on “Stress Proteins in Growth, Development and Disease” is the tenth in this successful series and will highlight most recent cutting edge advances in the field of cell stress biology ranging from underlying basic mechanisms of stress programs and of protein quality control systems up to intervention strategies. Special emphasis will be placed on novel aspects regarding stress signaling and regulation of gene expression, phase separation and other specific deposits of RNA and proteins under stress, elimination strategies of toxic protein species, and the role of organelle stress responses to pathology. The Conference’s collegial and scholarly environment encourages vigorous discussions of exciting developments related to several areas of stress research. The meeting also provides excellent opportunities for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior group leaders to present their work either in posters or short talks. We will continue recent meetings innovations of “poster preview” talks, and a Power Hour focused on women investigators in the field. The formal scientific program, limited attendance and organized but informal opportunities for interaction make this meeting a preeminent conference promoting deeper understanding of the versatile roles of stress proteins in human health, aging and disease.”

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