EZ-Plate Beads, 2 Pack

Catalog #: 3001-000

Product Description

Plate cells in just seconds with a consistent distribution of colonies, eiminating the hazards of flame, ethanol and glass rods .Sterile EZ-Plate Beads allow the plating of 25-400 ul of bacterial or yeast cells across the surface of an agar plate, providing a safer, faster alternative to a glass rod sterilized with ethanol and flame. Dispense several glass beads per plate from the convenient, skirted 50 ml conical tube. Pack of 2 contains enough beads for 160 standard 100 mm plates.


Dry agar plate to remove visible water drops and add the cell suspension to the plate. Aseptically add 6 -7 EZ-Plate Beads to each plate by gently tapping them out of the storage tube 1-2 inches above the plate. Replace the plate lid and slide the plate gently back and forth on the bench top to distribute the beads evenly over the entire surface of the plate. Multiple plates can be stacked and processed together. When finished, discard the beads into a biohazardous waste container and incubate the plates per your protocol.

  • Storage Temperature: Room Temp