QuicPick multiEight Magnetic Device

Catalog #: 24008

Product Description

Ideal for protein, nucleic acid and cell isolation, QuicPick Magnetic Devices employs a retractable magnet to rapidly transfer particles. Simply extend the magnetic tip, and within seconds particles are collected and ready to be moved to the next solution. Tip covers for the extended magnet are made of a special tough, inert polymer that does not adsorb or retain any biological molecules or magnetic particles. Designed for best use with high-iron beads in the QuickPick Kits, QuicPick devices may also be used with other magnetic particles and reagents.

Fast & Gentle
Move particles not liquids
Fast, easy collection and release
Eliminate lengthy immobilization steps and repeated aspirations
Purify genomic DNA with minimal shearing
High ratio of viable cells when used for cell sorting

Efficient & Flexible
Stronger magnet than any other hand-held device
Quick collection from large volumes or viscous samples
Suitable for nano- to micron-sized particles
Large collection area supports collection of large particle amounts with minimal aggregation
Compact design enables an unparalleled working range from 50 ┬Ál up to 5 ml
Kits allow choice of vessel format and sample volume

  • Storage Temperature: Room Temp